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Hello Guys A Best Way to Make Money by Creating a Free Website. If you want to know how to earn money by creating a free website. So you can read our post right from the bottom.

How To Build Free Website And How To Make Money From Blogs.
A Best Way to Make Money

A Best Way to Make Money by Creating a Free Website

How to create Free Website? How to create Free Blog? How to earn money from a blog This question is often asked by me. If you want to know how to create a free website and want to create a new website, then its most popular method is blogger.

Blogger is Google’s free service. You can create your new website on the blog. And there are many websites on Blogger today and it is all free website if you create a free website on any other website, you can not make money from it but you can get free website on Blogger Make money by making money. We have already given information about how to Earn Money Online.

In today’s post we will tell you about how to create free website blocks for which you do not have to pay any money and will become your free website within just 10 minutes. Below you are given two ways that you are free Website can create a free blog Both of these methods can be used to make you look great but there is a lot of difference between both Blogger and WordPress, so make sure to read their differences before creating a website on both of them.

How to Create Free Blog / Website on Blogger?

    • For Blogger, first you go to www.Blogger.Com.
    • And click on Create Your Blog.
    • And then log in with your Gmail ID.
    • Click on Continue To Blogger.
    • Then click Create New Blog.

For example, follow this image.

1. Title: – First of all you have to name the name of your blog or website like our name is Hindi Knowledge Book, then you have a name for your website and read it here.

2. Address: – Then you have to tell the URL of your website, what should be it, if you are creating a free website on Blogger, then you will find it written in the name of your website, Blogger.com. If you buy a domain from any website, Then your website name will become the same as the URL of our website is IInSchool.com

3. Theme: – Then you have to select the team for your website. Here you have got a lot of template, you can select any of them.

4:- After filling all three information, click on Create Blog, the URL you entered in the address will be the address of your website such as “Your-sitenme.Blogspot.Com”

Now you have become your free website. But if you want to show your website address like our website, then you will have to put a custom domain in it. Now you have to give some information on your website so that visitors can visit your website and get a chance to earn money.

The way to create a Sikh Free Website in your post. A Best Way to Make Money by Creating a Free Website.
How to earn money from the free website?
To earn money from your website, you can now advertise Google Adsense on it and earn money from Google Adsense.

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