Aadhaar Authentication History Step By Step? How to check the Aadhaar card history

Aadhaar Authentication History Step By Step : Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the government’s agency which is mandated to issue Aadhaar cards to citizens. Do you know that UIDAI allows Aadhaar card holders to check their Aadhaar cards authentication history? Yes, You heard it right. You can very easily check details related to your Aadhaar Card on official website of agency ( https://uidai.gov.in/ ) .
By this feature UIDAI allows Aadhaar card holders to verify details like where their Aadhaar card has been used in the last six months.

A person can check details of last six months. You won’t be able to see too old records.

As we know that Aadhaar card contains crucial details about the account holder and any mishandling of information can threatening for life time. For Aadhaar card holders, It is a must to know where their Aadhaar card has been used. This feature has been made for the welfare and security of Aadhaar card holders.

In this article we’ll tell you step by step how to check records of aadhaar card.

Check Aadhaar Authentication History Step By Step

To save yourself from any type of breach , it is advised to check your Aadhaar authentication history at regular intervals. You can do that easily while sitting at home by visiting the UIDAI’s website.

1) First step involves opening UIDAI’ s website , open https :/ /uidai. gov .in . And then Click on the link ‘ Aadhaar Authentication History ‘ on the home page. You can easily find it under the ‘ Aadhaar Services’.

Aadhaar Authentication History
2) A new page will be opened, at that in the first box you’ll have to enter your 12 – digit Aadhaar number , which will be followed by 4 digit security code. After you fill both the boxes , click on Generate OTP.

3) The new page that will be opened will ask you to fill details like Authentication Type, Select Date Range, Number of Records, and OTP which you will receive on your phone number which you have used while creating the Aadhaar account. Fill all the details correctly.

Additional Details about Aadhaar Authentication History check Step By Step.aadhaar Authentication History step by steo

A) In Authentication Type you will see these options: Demographic , Biometric, All , Demographic & Biometric, Demographic & OTP and Biometric & OTP. Select “All” in this option.

B) In ‘Select Date Range‘ , select the time frame about which you want to see records. You can select maximum up to 6 months .

C) In number of records you will have to select the number of records that you want to be displayed in one page. You can request only 50 results maximum per page.

This is all the details you need to fill and you’ll get your “Aadhaar Authentication History”. Do it now just to keep yourself safe from any type of breach. Aadhaar is very important source of information , never let someone harm you.

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