DJ voice Tag maker software full version Free download with sangeeta voice

Hello, Today I’ll give you all the information related to the DJ voice tag maker software. I’ll provide you the link to download the free version of the software. I’ll also tell you how to install DJ voice maker software in your PCs. In this post you will also know how to make our voice tag. So let’s get started.

There are two softwares for making DJ voice tags, offline and online. Today we’ll discuss about the offline software.

DJ voice Tag maker software full version Free download

First of all you will have to download the zip file of the software from the link. The size of the file is 317MBDownload The DJ voice tag software

After the file is downloaded in your laptop/PC you will have to extract it. After extracting the file you will see this
DJ voice tag maker

Now you’ll have to follow the below steps:

1) First of all, You’ll have to install “VA39-IESangeeta-Demo”. No Icon or Shortcut of this software will appear.

Note : It is just a trial version and will work only a month in your PC.

2) In step 2 , you will have to install “Hindi & English Voice Maker Offline Indian Software ” . When the software is successfully installed , you’ll see an icon/shortcut for this on your screen.

Note : You can get the full version of the software ( The Serial – Key of text to speech software is given inside the software. Remember that you will not get the full version of “Sangeeta Voice”.

After following all the above steps , we’re ready to make voice tags.

First of all you need to click on ” text to speech software“. After installing the shortcut of this software will have been created.

When you open that ” Text to speech software ” you will see an interface like this :
DJ Maker Software Full Interface

To make your voice tag you will have to follow these steps=

Step 1) In the given text area type the name of your desired voice tag.

Step 2) Now select “Vocalizer Sangeeta” from voice selection.

Step 3) You can also play your Voice tag from the software itself.

Step 4) In last step you’ll have to select the format of the voice tag. You can choose from mp3 ,wav, mid file etc.
You can also increase or decrease the speed of the voice tag. After completing all the steps select the path of the file.

Step 5) Finally click on “Convert” and your voice tag will be saved.

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