Easy steps to install free SSL Certificate for your website Secure Connection

Easy steps install free SSL for your website : As we know that in present time SSL has become very important for website owners. Even our favorite search engine Google gives priority in ranking to the websites which are secured by SSL. You might have heard a lot about SSL but do you know what SSL is ?

Easy steps install free SSL

Easy steps install free SSL Certificate for your website

Well SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a very important security protocol. It helps in creating encrypted links between a web server and a browser. It stops the theft of personal details during the time of online transactions.

Easy steps to install free SSL for your website

There are many people who want to get SSL for their website but they can’t find suitable information regarding this. That is why, In this article I’ll tell you how to install free SSL for your website.

1) First step involves opening official cloudflare website. Click here to open the website.

2) In the next step , once the website is opened click on Sign Up. After clicking on sign up, a new page will be opened where you have to fill your E-mail address and password. Fill the details correctly and click on create account. After you click on “create account” , A confirmation link will be sent to your Email address.

3) In step number three open your Email and verify your email by clicking on the link sent to you.

4) Login to your cloudflare account, there you will see a box, there enter the URL of your blog. Then click submit and start the scan of your DNS.

5) After the scan has been completed , Click on continue button. After that you will have to choose the cloudflare plan. We are applying for free plan here so , Select Free website plan and then on continue. There you will see some nameservers copy them.

6) Now you will have to update the nameservers of your domain , open your domain registrar’s website and then paste the nameservers, same as mentioned on the cloudflare website. Sometimes it takes about 24 hours for nameservers to be updated but in most cases it happens within 30 minutes.

7) After updating nameservers , again open your cloudflare account and then click on Crypto option there. At that page select Flexible option and save it.

It takes about 24 hours to activate SSL. Once it is activated you will see the Activate certificate status there.

8) In the end you’ll have to select the page rules for your website, click on create page rules and at that page you can select 3 page rules , These are enough for a blogging website.

9) When you click on create page rules , enter your domain details like https://www.example.com/*
After that select add settings.

And select always use HTTPS , save this option.

In the last step enter https://example.com/* (Don’t use WWW) , and use the same settings as used in the above option.

10) This is the last step , In this step install any SSL plugin(There are plenty of WordPress plugins to choose from) on your WordPress website, follow the instructions given there. To detect if SSL is installed correctly or not. If steps mentioned above followed correctly then it will be installed correctly.

Easy steps install free SSL for your website

This is one of the easiest way to install SSL for your website , that too in free. I hope you like the post .

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