How to call from fake Unknown number Hide your personal number

How to call from fake Unknown number : Don’t you like playing pranks on your friends ? If you are one such person who loves to make everyone laugh then friend you are at the right place. Today we are going to teach you a method by which you can tease your friends a bit and have some fun.

There are many ways to have some fun with friends but playing pranks on them still remains the best. Today we will discuss about how you can call someone without letting them know your number or you can use different numbers to call someone.

How to call from fake


You will not have to change your sim card to make calls from different numbers. You can not only make calls but you can send the messages as well. To do this you will need an app in your smartphone.

We are talking about “TextMe Up” app. This app allows its users to call or message someone from different numbers. It is one useful app , which can be used to play pranks on your friends.

How to call from fake Unknown number

• First step involves downloading the app in your mobile , You can download the TextMe Up app from here : Download Text Me Up App

• Once the app gets downloaded , you’ll need to install it in your smartphone, you can install the app by clicking on the apk file.
(Note : Before you try to install the app turn on the Installation from “unknown sources” in the settings menu.)

• Once the app is installed , open the app by clicking on the textMe up icon.

• When you open the app , you’ll get two options (Login/Sign Up). If you are a new user click on Sign Up. You can use Google Account , Email , Facebook for signing up.

How to call from fake Unknown number

• Once you complete the above step , you’re all set to start. In the starting you receive some credits , which are used to make calls and for sending messages. If you want to earn some extra credits then you can use many methods. You can choose from “Watch videos to earn credits, Complete offers to earn free credit, Buy credits, Invite a friend” to earn credits.

The Text Me Up App will give you auto generated number , which you can use to make phone calls.

With Text Me Up app you can make calls from the numbers of different countries like Canada, US, Nederiands, Beigium, UK and Germany.

How to call from fake/Unknown number

International numbers will be used by the app to make calls / SMS.

Your friends will be amazed by this technique , so why don’t you share this information with this ? Share our post with your friends and let them have some fun too.

(Note : The app is intended for fun purpose only, we do not mean any harm to anyone. Misuse of the app is highly prohibited.)

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