How to make money online, such as blogging, youtube, adsense, affiliate marketing

How To Make Money Online : We know that money isn’t everything but still in today’s time it is an important aspect and will remain the same in future too. There are many ways by which you can easily earn money in real world but do you know that you can make money while sitting at your home ?
Yes, you heard it right. You can make money online & for that you just need a computer with an internet connection and you are all geared up for making money.
how to make money
In this article we’ll discuss about the possible ways by which we can earn money online. So let’s get started.

How to make money online from blogging :

Blogging is one of the most used and everyone’s favourite for earning money online. Any person can become a blogger and can start making money by his/her blog.

If you have interest in certain field then you can use blogspot or WordPress to express your thoughts on that topic. For blogging you will have to write content for your blog .

If you’re not fluent in writing content then you can hire a freelance writer for your blog but that will cost you an amount and in initial stages of any blog that is not recommended.

It will be better if you write content yourself in the starting and once you start getting traffic and start earning then you can hire a writer if you want.

To earn money you’ll have to put Google AdSense on your blog , when anyone clicks on that ad you will earn an amount which you can later request in your bank account.

How to make money Affiliate Marketing;

Affiliate marketing has become a major earning system for people who want to make money online. By affiliate marketing we mean that you have sell other people’s products .

For this you’ll need a platform , a blog / website can be a platform where you will promote the product and if a person purchases the listed product through your website or blog, then you will get some commission on that purchase. This means that a percentage of the product’s total cost will be given to you.

In affiliate marketing your earning depends upon the number of products sold and the Commission you’re getting on every purchase. There are many products available , among which you can promote the product that matches your content.

There are many websites that offer affiliate marketing services but Flipkart , Amazon and Ebay being the leader in India.

3)How to make money trough YouTube :

You all have heard about the YouTube . But do you know that you can earn money through YouTube? Do you know YouTube will pay you for every monetised video?

YouTube being one of the top sites in the internet receives an enormous amount of traffic each day and a person with not much technical knowledge can start making money through it.

To earn money on YouTube you will have to create a channel and start uploading your videos. It is not compulsory to upload technical videos.

You can upload any type of video that follows the guidelines of YouTube. Once your channel reaches the minimum limit of YouTube views , you can start monetizing your videos.

By monetizing videos we mean we will place ads in our videos and whenever someone watches our video the ad will be played first. For every 1000views YouTube will pay you an amount that you can receive in your bank account.

4)How to earn money By Selling Your skills:

Do you have some skills? If yes, then Internet is the place for you to make money online. There are many websites on internet which connects you to the clients that needs your service.

If you are a talented programmer then you can write some programs for a person or if you are interested in writing then you can be a writer on some website. All this can be done by providing your freelancing services on websites like Freelancer , Fiverr etc.
You will find the best price of your services there.

Apart from these, there are many other methods which can be used to make money online for example you can earn money through PTC websites or by doing Captcha solving jobs.

But there are only a few websites which provide real money for doing these jobs , I’ll suggest you to use the 4 methods that are mentioned above to earn money.

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