send money from whatsapp, How to send money by whatsapp

How To Make Payments By WhatsApp Pay, Send Money from WhatsApp, How to send money from Whatsapp : WhatsApp which has more than 1 billion users all over the world is going to launch a new feature to its Indian 200 Million users.

WhatsApp has been recently testing a feature that will allow users to send digital payments to family or friends. Digital payments can be done very easily through WhatsApp , just like sending a Image or Video.

The new WhatsApp Payments feature will work on a digital payments system developed by a UPI.

In this article we’ll discuss about how to make payments by using WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Pay feature is only available for its Indian users. The transactions will be conducted through UPI.

For making payments, the users will have to set a PIN number and then he’ll be asked to provide either the receiver’s UPI ID or the receiver’s mobile number. The transactions happening through WhatsApp’s Payment feature will allow direct transfer of funds to the receiver’s bank account.

How To Set Up The WhatsApp Payments Feature
To set the WhatsApp Pay feature please follow the below steps. This Guide will help you to learn about how to send money by whatsapp.

1) First of all Go to ‘WhatsApp’ > ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘Payments’.

send money from whatsapp

2) At the Payments page, users will have to add their bank account and fill the other banking details.

3) After user have filled the details then he’ll have to accept the terms and conditions.

4) After users have accepted the Terms & Conditions, He/She will have to verify his/her mobile number by a SMS. Also, User will be asked to enter his mobile number which is linked to its bank account.

send money from whatsapp

5) After this, A list of linked banks with UPI will be displayed.
( Note : If user is a UPI user, then he’ll be required to select bank account and if he does not use the UPI feature, He will be asked to set it up.)

Whatsapp Pay

6) After setting up the UPI feature on WhatsApp pay, User will have to enter the last 6 digits of his debit card along with the expiry date. This detail will be used to create a Virtual Payee Address.

How to use WhatsApp pay and send money from whatsapp ?

Using WhatsApp Pay feature is very easy , A person with not so much technical knowledge can use this feature. Follow the below steps to learn How to Use WhatsApp Pay Feature

Step 1) For Android users, Click on the attach button, and then you will see an option option ‘Payment’.
For iOS users, tap on the plus sign & look out for the Payment option.

How to send money through WhatsApp

( Note : The payment option will be available on chat screens. User can also Send money to specific users in a group chat too.)

Step 2) After tapping on the payments option in chat screens, user will have to enter the amount and his UPI PIN to send the payment to the receiver.

( Note : Please remember that the receiver is also required to have the WhatsApp Pay feature for the successful transaction. If the receiver does not have WhatsApp Pay feature, it will not work.)

There are many other apps such as Paytm and Google’s Tez for making digital payments. But chances of a user that he will use these payments apps just for making payments is still very low. But, if the WhatsApp starts its Pay feature then the number of digital payments is likely to get all time highs. As we know WhatsApp is one of the mostly used app in the country. It has a user base of 200 Million in India.

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