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Hello Everyone Simple way to create free blog websites on WordPress. In the previous post, I told you how to create a free website on Blogger and today I am telling you how to make a free website on WordPress. Keep on following this step of me and keep reading this post till the last. If you like the post then You can tell me by commenting.

Simple way to create free blog websites

Simple way to create free blog websites on WordPress

How to create Free Blog / Website on WordPress? At home, the world’s most popular platform is where we can create our own website or create a block. About 30 percent of the website is built on WordPress and almost all blogs are created on WordPress. Our website also remains on WordPress. But our website was not created in Free. But if you want to create your own website or blog on WordPress, we will tell you in today’s post.

You will only need one email ID to create a free website on WordPress. But you can not earn money online from this free website. If you want to earn money online then you will have to create a premium WordPress website or create your own website on Blogger for free. Steps to create a website on WordPress are available below. Follow these steps.
First go to Click on Getting Started.

Then you have to click on “Start With A Blog” and fill out the name of your website.

The name that you fill on will become the name of your website and it is a free website so that you will get your name written in

After filling the address of the website, below you will find some options, one of which will be free, select it and click Start With Free on the next page.

1- You have to fill your email ID to register here.
2- Filling the username is the username that will be the address of your website.
3- And below you have to enter the password
4- If you want to login directly from Google, then the option of Google login is given below.

If you want to create a premium website on WordPress, then see this post: – How to Build Premium WordPress Website

After completing your full information here, click on the Continuum. Now you have to open your email ID which was filled in here, you will have Email of Website Activate on behalf of WordPress. Open it and click on Confirm Now and your free website and free blog is ready.

You are reading Simple way to create free blog websites on WordPress. It seems that if you understand the information given by me, if you like this information, please share it with friends and you can tell me your problem by writing a comment in the comment box. Thanks for visit my website.

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