What are Adsense Auto Ads : Use and benefits of Adsense auto ads

Adsense Auto Ads: Recently, AdSense has launched its auto ads. These ads will work on the Machine Learning. Ads will display the most relevant results based on the user’s action.
Machine learning is still very new to some people but Google has always tried to provide best to their users and publishers. In this article we’ll know everything about Google’s Auto Ads.

what is Google’s Adsense Auto Ads

Adsense Auto ads is a type or category of ads that you can display on your website by putting the single code in head tags of your website.

There are many ad formats that are displayed by Adsense Auto Ads. Google’s Auto Ads supports display of

*Text and Display Ads

*In-feed Ads

*In-article Ads

*Matched Content Ads

*Anchor Ads

*Vignette Ads

Apart from above mentioned formats there is an option “Automatically Get New Format”. If you enable this , then if Google adds any new ad then you will get it.

How Does Google’s Auto Ads Work

This new feature uses machine learning algorithm to display ads.
First it will understand the structure of your page , then it will detect the number of Ads that have been already present at the page. It will place the ads automatically after determining all the features.

Benefits of Adsense Auto Ads

1) Adsense Auto ads are very easy to use. You just have to place a single code in Head tags of your site and you are all set.

2) Auto ads also Increases your revenue. Some people has reported rise of 10% revenue by using Auto ads.

If something increases your revenue then it is definitely worthy of being used.

How To Use Google Adsense Auto Ads

1)Using Auto ads is very simple. Just open your AdSense account and then click on my ads.

Adsense auto ads


2) At my ads you’ll see Auto ads. Click on it.

3) After that you’ll get all the instructions related to the working and implementation of the auto ads. Next click on get started.

4) In this step select the details related to the ads.

5) Finally Save the settings and place the ad code in the head tags of your website.

The ads will start to display in 15-20 minutes.

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