WhatsApp latest update lock audio recordings, lock microphone button

WhatsApp latest update lock audio recordings : WhatsApp, One of the most popular messaging application is bringing several updates recently. In addition, There’s a new update for its users. With this new update, App will allow the users to lock audio recordings on Android mobiles. This update in the v2.18.102, as reported by WaBetaInfo (a watchdog, It keeps a track of the latest updates on WhatsApp.)

WhatsApp latest update lock audio recordings

Earlier, To record voice recording on WhatsApp, you had to hold on to the recording button. During the recording you couldn’t use the app because one of your hand was busy. But with the arrival of this update, you will be able to use app while recording a voice message at the same time.

If you want to start the locked audio recordings feature, then you ‘ll have to tap and hold the “mic” icon in the chat window. The option of ‘lock’ will appear on the screen after 0.5 seconds.

WhatsApp latest update lock audio recordings


WhatsApp latest update lock audio recordings

After you tap on the ‘lock microphone button’ you’ll be able to slide your finger up and it will start the lock recording.

After you lock the audio recording, You’ll be able to navigate the chat , while not holding the microphone button.

With this latest update, there are some restrictions too. When you enable locked recordings in your chat, you can’t view a video or a photo.

There is another restriction in the update , In the second restriction you can not type a new message while you are recording a “locked” voice message. If you want to type a new message then you will have to end/cancel the voice recording, only after that you’ll be able to type a new message.

When you are recording a “locked” voice message then you can’t move to other chat, you’ll have to remain in the same chat.

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